Racing.. too fast?

29 12 2011

Once you start looking at funny thing around here, funny translations or abuse of English words, then many more get your attention!

This morning, walking to the stop for the shuttle bus, something on a car parked in the compound where I live caught my eyes.

I am usually not a car person. I do not recognize car models, I never owned a car myself and I do not really care so much how fast a sport car can go.. or how cool a sport car is.. But walking past the car in the top section of the picture below suddenly clicked an “alarm” in my brain. I went back then and had a better look of what it was written on the top side of the front window.

It is known that the brain, especially for English language, does not need a correct spelling in order to interpret correctly a word. So when I have read the top writing at first I thought there was nothing strange but when I focused I noticed that probably the underpaid Chinese worker taking care of the special features was.. rcaing too fast 😉

rcaing.. or racing?

I did google “rcaing” for checking, maybe it is a special word.. but it appears to be widely used mainly on.. alibaba sales pages (a Chinese eBay!).. so I stand to my interpretation of abuse of English!

If I’m wrong, I have learnt something new! But even Amazon misspelled that word!!! (click on the picture, and you’ll see the proper name!)

By the way, not the first time I find misspelled words on car, I saw even the car model written wrong (metal letters spelling POOL instead of POLO)!



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