Last morning of 2011

31 12 2011

Last day for 2011 at work as well: half day today and then holidays until the 3rd of January included.. Chinese way to prepare for holidays 🙂

A double sun, in the sky piercing the morning clouds and reflected from the car in front of the company..

Last morning of 2011

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Yesterday night, for maybe the thirds time in Hefei, after I told the taxi driver I am from Italy, he asked me about 贝卢斯科尼 Bèi lúsīkē ní.. our “dear” former president, the dwarf! This time I managed to tell him that he is of the picture.. he went down, yeah! And, so funny, he made the sign of money saying the dwarf only interested in that!! Even in China they know it!! And taxi drivers are not really expert of global politics usually!!!

(OK, I need some explanation.. stop looking at “me” with those big surprised eyes! 2 no for you: no, I did not meet a taxi driver in Hefei that could speak English, and no I do not speak fluent Chinese now.. our “conversation” was very basic, using lots of body language, common Italian, and Chinese, way of speaking using hands!! I do speak and understand a little more, but still my Chinese sucks big time.. yeah, I know, a flop that will be taken into my end of the year wrap up, don’t worry!)



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