2011 of words

3 01 2012

One full year in China, and this is what I have read:

I admit this was a terrible year with respect to many previous ones: I always loved reading, but this year I started several books (2 in Norwegian that my friend Erik left me here after his trips to Shanghai this year) and another eBook on the iPhone (this time Mary Shelley’s – Frankstein).. but I did not finished them..

..until the TV series “Game of Thrones” pushed me to read again Martin’s work, waiting for the next TV chapters..

Plus I got the last Murakami book I haven’t read yet, 1Q84.. so I already know my 2012 of words will be much richer than the past year!! 🙂



2 responses

4 01 2012

I LOVE Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein!! The movie is also amazing!! Have you seen?


4 01 2012

I am actually not sure.. I will check tonight if available in the movie program (streaming) I use 😉
thanks and best wishes!!


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