2012 resolutions

3 01 2012

Let’s do it again, every year I feel like I am making fun of myself.. but I’m not the one laughing  (bold for new 2012 resolutions!!)::

  • keep my weight under control
  • go to IAF 2012 Aikido meeting in Japan
  • improve my Chinese
  • find a way to practice Aikido in Hefei
  • try to focus my Aikido, clean up the technique and improve the contact
  • take care of the injures/RA
  • travel more in China!
  • visit new Aikido places in China
  • try finally to learn to play a little the guitar (I got one ;-) )
  • one trip to Japan this year as well
  • understand what my next step will be, what I really want..
  • manage to take some modeling pictures (01/04: better I specify, as photographer!! As a model, I could be used only for very sad advertisements, or the before/after diet, being of course the before one!)
  • think less – do more!



5 responses

3 01 2012

Happy new-year, Andrea.
Good luck with your resolutions. They don’t seem too difficult.


3 01 2012

Best wishes to you too..
and I try every year easy ones.. with bad results….

on the other hand, will we meet at IAF seminar??? 😉


6 01 2012

It would be good to go to Japan again…
Maybe you also noticed http://www.aikikai.or.jp/eng/info/2011/info_80-2.htm


4 01 2012

Hehe modelling pics? I’ve got see! Happy New Year to you!! 🙂


4 01 2012

I am the photographer, not the model.. unless it is for horror movie promotions!


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