Something I do not like

12 01 2012

When I go out with friends to eat in some restaurants, I always let them chose the food, because in general I eat everything.

I am a very easy person with respect to food: no known allergies, not an especially sensible digestion and definitively not picky about the foods. Very few things I would avoid if possible (but I can eat them anyway): beet, the fat part of the meat, and I can’t think of anything else..

I can basically eat everything and most of the time I like everything, especially trying new stuff..

..or at least until yesterday..

Now I know there is something I do not want to eat anymore: Taiwanese sausage! As you can read from wiki, the put sugar (as they do in many things in China, like bread products!) and the taste is.. a mess!!

I had it maybe a couple of times before and yesterday I had a couple left at home that I decided to cover completely with cheese, stick in the oven and enjoy.. but at the first bite I had to run to the toilet thinking my stomach wanted to explode!!

I managed to not puke, but all the sausages went straight to the bin, after scraping off the cheese of course!!

Chinese sausages are a completely different thing: they are actually salty and typical for this period, Chinese New Year time.

One great thing is that soon I’ll go to Italy and I’ll have a lot of one of my favorite sausages: salsiccetta!!!



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