You look fatter!

17 01 2012

Many times the past weekend in Shanghai the Aikido friends told me this.. Sorry guys, I do not look fatter, I am fatter!

This past month especially I have.. put on.. some.. too much let’s say! I am well aware of that, and I fear a little bit Italy, trip coming up really soon. My fear is double:

1 – I fear the great food waiting for me there;
2 – I fear the great Aikido practice I have planned, both in my home town, where I will visit 2 clubs (Valdengo and Biella, both mainly from Tada sensei – Fujimoto sensei line, therefore quite new to me) and one weekend seminar in Turin (first time practicing under an Italian 6.dan!!).

But, even if I have become a fat f@k I am still not rolling like a ball as some of you can wonder: my ukemi is still ok-ish, and I had some tests/proofs at Sunday practice!

Oh I loved it! So much.. my body and my mind needs more Aikido, and I look toward these days in Italy with trepidation!

So funny, my dear aiki-freak friend Svein went home sad for
Christmas/New Year holidays, since there he could only “abuse” of his poor brothers as training partners.. and this time I look toward Italy as the place where I will practice the most since I left Norway! I will practice more than during my last trip to Norway actually!!

Back in Hefei, my plans to start something in the university failed against the.. yoga classes! They got the only room with mats reserved every night until 20:30, and after that the guard wants to close it and go. Also, I hoped I could have a room not used for classes where to bring my home mats, leave there and use them for practice, but it seems difficult.. I got one other plan, but I cannot say anything before trying.. to not raise my hopes too high (and then again get crushed).

Anyway, apart from the huge belly, the body is ok: knees and feet are working properly. I can even sit in seiza without big troubles. Still a part of my left foot is a little numb (TCM did not help) but no pain there.. just weird feeling.. So many reasons to be happy and fight my belly!

Or.. eat it!




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