Blackout for protest against.. info blackouts??

18 01 2012

I have just read on a friend blog (only because I get email from subscription – remember my blog platform is again blocked in China!) that today many bloggers and sites will temporary close for protest against censorship.

I searched that (google these past days is impossible over here.. I had to use other search engines.. so bad for me!) and found out a campaign for today, January 18th for 12 or 24 hours of blackout of many sites, already banned in China, and others, like wikipedia, that are sort of vital for me..

Once again, a strike or a protest has the effect only to make the life worse to people with already some limitations (like for example the public transport strikes: why they like to do so many to protest instead of find ways that would not make the life terrible to normal people?).

So I can support protest against censorship keeping on blogging even behind the great firewall of China! Keeping my voice alive, not suddenly getting silent, where here already we do not hear most of those voices!!

I also read that the protest is mainly against some US new laws, and once again Americans forget where the censorship is really tangible. A pity.. I would rather get the common several posts by my wordpress friends 😉

Release me




One response

18 01 2012

I’m thinking of blacking out my website in support of the protest. I will be posting up links soon. And yes, the language of the law sounds benign, but it is vague for reasons.


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