Italy, definitively not China

24 01 2012

I am at home, for sure now: I could have been in doubt, arriving by night, killed by the jet lag, sleeping at wrong hours, but after yesterday lunch.. I am pretty sure this is Italy, Biella…

Proper lunch

toma cheese, bread & barbera

Proper lunch

panettone & moscato

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Yesterday night, after Aikido practice (I’ll write later about this) I walked 15 minutes to get home. I live quite in center Biella. Not historical center, but also not outskirt.. Anyway, on the short walk home around 9:30pm, I crossed 6 cars and 3 people!!! Another proof I am in Italy, not China for sure! Even if I had some doubts when I met those 3 people: they were.. Chinese!! Then, after some thought (I wanted to call them laowai, foreigners, as many time I have been called) I shout at them “Happy New year” in Chinese, 新年快乐, and after a few seconds (startled by the Chinese or could not understand my shitty Chinese! Or both), they did answered 新年快乐!! Maybe I am still in China, and just was luck to find great food! 😉