Training at Ken Kyu Sei Biella

25 01 2012

Monday night, for the best jet lag cure, I visited a dojo in Biella where ages ago (I think 1999) I had already practiced once:  Ken Kyu Sei dojo, with Vittorio Beloli for instructor. I had the great chance to participate to both a beginner and then an advanced student sessions.

Aikido at Ken Kyu Sei Biella

Aikido at Ken Kyu Sei Biella

Vittorio’s Aikido (as he told me) is a combination between Tada sensei and Fujimoto sensei teachings. For me are both quite new. I practiced with Tada sensei in Japan, and I met Fujimoto sensei students, mainly at Endo sensei seminars.

I was not 100% sure I could survive for about 3 hours practice, even if the first part was a beginner session. And a good lesson I learnt in 15 years of Aikido is learning how to decrease the speed during practice.. but knowing myself if I enjoy I don’t think about this until too late!

Anyway, the evening was a good combination between projections-ukemi and more static techniques, working both from uchi attacks and some less common grips, like ushiro katatedori kubijime (strangulation), the lock around the chest and the attack passing the arms under the armpits trying to lock them behind tori‘s neck.

For ushiro katatedori kubijime techniques, we worked 2 possible “escape” way, depending when the leg on the “strangulation” side was back or front. And for each “escape” way we worked on different technique: when the leg is backward (leg corresponding to attacked hand is front) a natural kaiten allows tori to easily turn and then control uke (ikkyo and similar principles as easiest application). In the other situation, using a tenkan movement, around the forward foot and not moving the attacked hand leads to either a kotegaeshi on this hand or a more advanced shihonage on the hand holding the jacket.

Both variations give a good work on taisabaki and body relaxation!

Then we moved to more special kind of locks, not commonly derived from a front attack: very difficult to allow anyone to walk around you and then lock you around your waist or even worse under the armpits and behind your neck, in the more wrestling lock called “full nelson“. Still, these are good positions to work ways to relax the body for escape the lock, or anticipate the movement (before the lock is completed) and apply some Aikido. With both attacks, especially when possible avoiding a completed lock, we worked on throws. always an advantage when tori manages to keep the body relaxed, even facing a quite hard locking attack.

All in all, an interesting session.

I could not say many things were different from what I am used.

It’s worth then closing with a video from both Fujimoto sensei and Tada sensei, sources for the Vittorio’s Aikido:

Tada sensei (83 years old this year!!):

Fujimoto sensei:



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