A special Aikido Thursday

28 01 2012

Thursday morning and afternoon I had a couple of very nice Aikido experiences here in Biella!

Thanks to Ivano, main instructor in Aikikai Biella dojo, in the morning I joined him and a few of his students for a special class of aikido as self defense in a local high school, where 99% of the students were 19 years old girls!! (actually there was one boy in the class, and everybody of us was surprised!!)

Aikido - school girl class

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On the way to Torino..

28 01 2012

..on the way to my first completely Italian Aikido seminar: I already participated to an Aikido seminar in Torino, but it was with Tissier sensei.

This weekend, for the first time, I’ll take part to an Italian Aikikai Aikido stage with Martufi sensei, 6.dan Aikikai, at Piero Villaverde sensei (also 6.dan) dojo.

Quite curious after the experience of this week practicing in Biella, to meet also more people from the same group, under Tada shihan and Aikikai Italy.

Even more special, during the off-Aikido-time I’ll have the chance to meet my best friend Silvio and another good friend from Trondheim time, Marco, both long time resident in Torino!

Have a great weekend everybody!!

Training at Aikikai Biella dojo

28 01 2012

Tuesday night I visited another dojo in Biella area: Aikikai Biella dojo, located at the very beginning of Valdengo, just outside Biella. Earlier Ivano, the dojo instructor, had also classes in Biella, but now he invested time and work developing an extremely nice dojo in Valdengo. Lots of work for now, but when finished he will be rewarded by several satisfactions!

The dojo has already quite a lot of students:

Training at Aikikai Biella dojo

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