Training at Aikikai Biella dojo

28 01 2012

Tuesday night I visited another dojo in Biella area: Aikikai Biella dojo, located at the very beginning of Valdengo, just outside Biella. Earlier Ivano, the dojo instructor, had also classes in Biella, but now he invested time and work developing an extremely nice dojo in Valdengo. Lots of work for now, but when finished he will be rewarded by several satisfactions!

The dojo has already quite a lot of students:

Training at Aikikai Biella dojo

Tuesday we worked on 2 different ways to meet yokomen uchi attack. One was like a kind of entrance I am used as well, with irimi tenkan, one hand meeting the attack and the other cutting more uke‘s head. The other way, keeping always the hand meeting the attack, was using the second hand performing a shomen uchi cut in the direction of uke‘s body.

Working on the same techniques for both ways to meet the attack (basic applications like shihonage, kotegaeshi, udekiminage, and then more advanced movements like uchi kaiten nage) one could clearly see the difference of a more round movement (the one cutting at uke‘s head) compared to a more direct entrance (with shomen uchi).

Among the teachers of Ivano, like for the main instructor in the other dojo in Biella, there are Tada sensei and Fujimoto sensei. But another sensei has been also relevant, and since I already posted videos for the first two, I present here one from Hosokawa sensei, a teacher that has suffered a serious disease in 2004 that does not allow him to teach and practice anymore.



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