Friday the 17th!

17 02 2012

In my years abroad I have discovered that this is an Italian (almost) only superstition: “Venerdi’ 17”, Friday the 17th, is the Italian equivalent of the so American Friday the 13th!

As said on Wiki, it apparently comes from the roman number for 17 = XVII that becomes anagram of VIXI, I lived.. Now, then, I’m dead! True or not, in Italy, superstition has a quite heavy effect on the normal life, and it always made me laugh thinking that for us 13 is actually a lucky number! Unless you have a meal: 13 people at the table is bad luck! I remember in some occasion people would add a chair, plate and cutlery and serve also some wine in a glass for the 14th ghost..

For me, Friday is Friday: weekend yeah!!! And this weekend I am going to Hangzhou for another intensive Aikido session. Long time I don’t visit Hangzhou!

Somebody might think I lack of enough motivations because after almost 2 years in China I still haven’t managed to start a dojo in Hefei and I am still only a weekend Aikidoka..

Talking about motivations: I was maybe a little late for buying the train ticket so the only one I could find in order to arrive in Hangzhou not too late for having a good practice also Saturday was at.. 5:15am tomorrow morning! And of course I reserved this ticket! With the common hard sleeper, arriving in Hangzhou around midday, check in the hotel, then a good couple of coffees at Starbucks.. that should make the trick to shape me up for 3 hours practice!

Soon some Hangzhou people will have graduation probably: this weekend I will work more on basics, but trying to include some variations, something I have been practicing during my visit of Aikido dojos in my hometown, and the Aikido seminar in Torino.

Good to see the weather also turned to a weak but promising sun and it should be like that over the weekend as well!!

Have a good weekend folks!



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