Spring on the way

19 02 2012

The sun is shining outside here..

I’m in Hangzhou, and I should remember sometimes that I haven’t seen yet the West lake with a full sun!! I most often got the dramatic, gloomy, poetic, gray versions of the lake landscapes..

But today in the hotel I got one of those rooms that has a pc, so I relax in the morning doing some.. “work”!

Chaowang hotel

The least I can do since I promised myself to do something yesterday but after a wonderful dinner at a local Japanese restaurant I was.. dead tired!!! Japanese beer and sake (quite light though) helped in a good dose to that!!

Japanese dinner

All worth, after an intensive afternoon of practice and only few hours sleep: the 5:15am train was 1 hour late.. and in my same sleeper room there was a *damn* child that around 7am decided he prefer to start shouting for his father.. Have you ever thought in your life you would really strangle or gag of both someone?

Yesterday we practiced mainly katatedori aihanmi techniques, both basics and more funny variations (more details later.. the keyboard I use has some problems with the spacebar). Today I have plans for working on one of my favorite attacks: morotedori. Taisabaki becomes key, more than with other techniques: position respect to your partner, how to move your partner and how to move yourself for performing effortless any technique.. all “details” that against morotedori attack have a strong influence on what and how tori can execute the movement.. together with of course a good tenkan!

Always loved this attack, and most of my knowledge and understanding comes from Kanetsuka sensei practice! I think one of the most misunderstood and under judged sensei I met in my life.. love and hate both in the feelings for him.. but his work on kokyuo ho, from basic katatedori gyaku hanmi and morotedori are the fundaments of my Aikido..

I hope I’ll be able to transmit some to my friends in Hangzhou today!



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