24 02 2012

Last weekend in Hangzhou I started reading the only Murakami book I hadn’t read yet (I think!): 1Q84.

What a change, finally a new book and not only reading again other books I enjoyed before!

So, last weekend, sitting in a Starbucks, I had a long relaxing time sharing my lunch and then my dessert with the words of this amazing writer.. and tomorrow I’ll be in Shanghai with a whole free Saturday, probably crappy weather and a few new cafe’ to visit (and an already known Belgian beer pub!!).. so I know I will enjoy this book again very much!


1q84 @ Starbucks



3 responses

24 02 2012
The Dandy Lion

This book is on my to-read list! I can’t wait to get to it!


24 02 2012

I won’t tell you anything then, except that few pages were enough to be caught.. completely, as usual with Murakami..

Btw, you got an interesting blog!! 😉


24 02 2012

Wow! So you’ve read all her books. Will definitely read this as well.Oh too many book lags! But this is a must-read, right? 🙂


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