1q84 at Kaiba, Shanghai

25 02 2012

So, after enjoying the book over some Japanese meal, I continue a double enjoyment: Murakami and Belgian beer.

Happy hour at Kaiba in Shanghai and a 33cl glass of La Chouffe (8%) at 35 RMB is reasonable.

Relaxing reading preparing for a yet very open evening..

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Aikido isolation: Japanese way?

25 02 2012

This and next Sunday I will be in Shanghai in order to join for one session only two Aikido seminars organized and held at Shanghai International Aikido Club (SIAC). They are not open seminars but they are basically private events to which last year I was permitted to participate without any problem, even if I am not a member of the club, but I used to be an accepted visitor, if never a guest..

So this Sunday I will meet again Nakao sensei from Kobe and, if nothing happens, next Sunday it will be the turn of Irie sensei from Hombu dojo in Tokyo. Of course, I look much more forward to the latter, and I am quite displeased of the limitation in participation, but this is what dōjōchō (道場長) has decided, so I have been told.

with Nakao and Nokura sensei

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