Aikido weekend

3 03 2012

On my way to Shanghai: 2 sessions of practice today in Shanghai West dojo with an unknown Italian from Norway 2.dan teacher and tomorrow one session with Irie sensei.

This time, even if I cannot participate to the whole seminar with sensei because of decisions taken by Shanghai Central dojo, my other friends in Shanghai had a chance to practice together.

I have a few ideas about what to focus on today. I hope I will be able to transmit some if those ideas.

In any case it’s going to be a nice day on the mats and then we have already planned to go eat all together and enjoy the night, probably with sone good live blues music.

I look forward to tomorrow as well even if I doubt this time sensei will use me as uke. Too many good people coming from Japan with him and a few extra in Shanghai dojo. But in any ways it will be a great Aikido!!

My week has been quite busy from the work side and both frustrating and stressing on the mental side the last couple of days. Interaction with Chinese working environment can be quite challenging. But if I am here it means I like challenges 😉

Have a good weekend all of you!!



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