Only boys in the company??

8 03 2012

This afternoon the company seems suddenly a much more sad place.. funny, I cannot see any Chinese female face.. what happens??

Easy to explain: today it’s the 8th march, International Women’s Day and the women in China have half day free!

So much for gender equality!! (^o^)

Anyway, today (only??) kisses to all women!!


64/365 {8 march}

(Typical in Italy giving to female school mates the so called mimosa.. or, technically, Silver Wattle..)

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – My name, in all languages beside Italian, it is a female name and in my life traveling around the world I experienced a couple or more funny situations for that.. Today it is the international Women’s day, but for sure not my day: once again I got home and the elevator was not working.. but this time I had been shopping: on one side two 1.5 liter bottles and on the other the shopping bag with other 4 half liter and groceries… ohhhh.. that was a long walk!!!



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