TaiRyo in Hefei

19 03 2012

Long time ago I experienced a teppan yaki buffet chain called TaiRyo in Shanghai: now finally they opened one also in Hefei, in a very new (still too new maybe!!) shopping mall straight in the center!

Saturday night I went with 潘蕾 by chance: we were supposed to go with another friend to a Hangzhou typical food restaurant, but it had a huge line, our friend eventually did not show up (!) so then we walked around until we found this, and we decided to try! I knew the ones in Shanghai, and we both enjoyed several times the teppan buffet in 万大广场 (Wanda Plaza).

After the evening there I can say that the food quality in the one in Wanda is better, but in TaiRyo there is more choice of not teppan food, like several sashimi and sushi dishes. Also free flow of acceptable sake and, at least on the menu, Kirin beer (but it was finished, so I could have only Tsingtao beer). The portion generally smaller than in Wanda and the picture on the menu far from reality!! Common here, but this teppan was more extreme than Wanda one! Also less choice of typical teppan yaki dishes. And often the chef forgot what we ordered and gave us stuff we did not ordered..

For the teppan yaki food, it was generally ok, even if now and then the food came a little burnt (the couple on our side did complain with the young chef.. we just observed it among ourselves!).

TaiRyo in Hefei TaiRyo in Hefei

But the place just opened, the price was a little lower than normal (it should be 180rmb, but since the fresh opening it was 168rmb).

Wanda teppan yaki has more or less the same price, maybe a little cheaper!

I must admit that if I wil lgo back to this TaiRyo will be for the sake and sashimi more than the teppan experience!!



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