Park 1999 bar in Hangzhou: great vibes!

25 03 2012

Aikido weekend in Hangzhou, and after a nice afternoon practice (one session by Ulrich and one by me), a good dinner with the friends here, Ulli and I went exploring the night life along the lake, in Nanshan Road (南山路).

For the first time we visited a place called Park 1999: they told us there was a private party, but anyway we could go in and search for a place to sit.

We discovered that actually there were like 3 different bars in a wood construction around an open yard, that must be really nice in summer time. We were lucky though to head at once for one room on the second floor (the one the pictures in the link above refer to!!).

First of all, I did not see any foreigner: wow!! I liked it at once! Then being foreigner there, some guys at a table told us that we could join them (helps though that Ulrich speaks perfect Chinese!!). The choice of beers is not so large and all for long evenings: either 1 liter big can or the 5 liters ones. But at least it was acceptable German beer!

But the most amazing part was the music show!

We arrived that the band was performing a quite difficult cover of a Taiwanese band called Shin (信乐团, Xìn yuètuán) whose singer has an amazing high voice.. let’s say I never heard a good cover of this band, before last night!

And then the show took a more insturmental turn: several different drums appeared in the bar and were distributed to all the people sitting at the tables and the band started an amazing drum play transmitting good vibes to all the people, that joined in..

Definitively a place to visit again next time in Hangzhou!!!

Now, time to check out the hotel, and then at 14:30 Aikido.. today I’ll focus on ikkyo from different attacks.. maybe keep full schedule on ikkyo!



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