Congratulations dear friend!

31 03 2012

With a little delay, I want to congratulate my dear friend Mathias for achieving is 1.dan in Aikido Birankai federation!

It must be said he does already posses 1.dan from French federation and 1.dan Aikikai from Norwegian federation: on one hand, a true example of the mess of Aikido federations around the world and on the other hand, a model for motivations and achievements in several different stages of his life, working, private and Aikido ones!

Mathias, smiling uke! And Mathias says, pointing at me:
Mathias and Sverre with Mathias

Together with Svein and Sverre, Mathias is among the Aikido friends I got closest from my years in Trondheim, and after.. shared a lot, in Aikido and life, traveling together and spending so much time talking, either in front of a good whiskey, or a great Japanese meal, or just talking..

Miss you guys!!




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31 03 2012

Please send him my congratulations! The journey is just beginning, forward and onward!


31 03 2012

Hurray for Mathias, indeed an inspiration! I’m very excited that Mathias is coming to visit us in Stavanger for a week (just after Easter). He will be training with us in our brand new dojo. Exciting to have triple-belted aiki-guests!


31 03 2012

Ahhh! I miss you guys! I hope we can all meet again soon!

And once more, congratulations to you Mathias!



1 04 2012

Are we here to drink or talk?


1 04 2012

Thanks Andrea for a very nice text!
and also thanks for the nice comments! I hope to meet you all soon, on the mats, around some drinks or for just talking 🙂


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