Mountain and good food!

30 04 2012

Full day spent on the monutain close to Komoro, last stop before getting tomorrow to Saku and starting the Aikido part of the trip.

Today we went up to Takamine heights in order to get a betrer closer view of Asama vulcan.. but the easy walk the mountain according to my hiking book became quite challenging because of the last snow of the season and not good enough equipment on our side.

Still we had some interesting walk, and then good relaxing time and a wonderful visit to the local onsen with the water naturally heated by the vulcano.

Then back in town we visited one last “breath” of sakura season, in a nice park around an old castle area with very special cherry trees.

For some unknown reasons I cannot upload pictures.. but this pc here is terrible..

So, good night folks.. from tomorrow Aikido in Saku dojo!!

PS I hate Japanese keyboard!!!


Komoro and Asama mountain

30 04 2012

Japan, yeah!!!

We came yesterday to this little town in Nagano prefecture called Komoro and today we will go toaward the vulcan Asama to have a "closer" look to the mountain.

Since from tomorrow we will have Aikido, we are not going for too long walk, you know, old people will struggle soon!

Weather not so warm, little cloudy. Probably the visibility will not be too good, but this is Japan, it’s good anyway!!


29 04 2012

Today I have traveled to Japan: Nagano area, then Saku for 5 days practice with Endo sensei, then Tokyo one last day, hombu dojo. And I have prepared basically nothing of this trip!

Even the packing was late, after a busy and tiring week.

But the beauty this time is I travel with 2 Germans: this should say enough!

Also I am often a sheep, I like to follow if someone else likes to organize (ok, I am a weird sheep, that often enjoys traveling alone, and then the organization lacks a lot!!).

Let’s see how this week will go, especially for the Aikido.. or maybe not especially.. 🙂

Great seminar with Philip Lee sensei!

28 04 2012

Group picture

Last weekend in Shanghai..

The real post I think will come in 10 days..

Preparing for the trip to Japan after a very busy week, too busy for doing almost anything of what I wanted to do!

The seminar had been really good, interesting and demanding! The party very funny, and nice words from sensei, together with a hardcore drinking tradition when receiving the graduation papers:

Against the monster!

26 04 2012

Raise your voice:

40 thousand small voices to cover the mad words of a worthless bag of bones.. may he be silenced forever, but suffer and suffer more!

Windy night

25 04 2012

Second night in a row that the sky broke down in wind and rain.

Tonight though I was on the road walking home from a friend house.. and I could “enjoy” fully the weather, and get a half swim half fly home!!!

windy night

More Aikido seminar updates

18 04 2012

Continue with using in a blog profitable way some free evening time: updates of the 2 single session I could have this year with Nakao sensei and Irie sensei in Shanghai.

And this weekend I’ll be in Shanghai for practice with Philip Lee sensei, 6.dan from Shinjukai Aikido Singapore. The seminar is organized by Aiki Club Shanghai.