Was it a joke?

1 04 2012

1st of Arpil, April Fools’ Day: never been too fond or too looking forward to this day.. Never got fooled too badly and I do not think I have ever organized a prank to anyone else.. if I did I don’t think it was on this day!

But I am pretty sure some of my friends 2 years ago thought I was fooling them when I said:

“..on April 1st (2010) I will move to Hefei, China for working in a Chinese company in semiconductor industry..”

That day, 2 years ago, I took the last picture of Stavanger, the house where I lived for 4 years.. just before my dear friend Bob took me to Sola airport..

4 years ago in Stavanger...

I wonder how many believed it at that point or the days after… 🙂

Anyway, get fooled or not, I am still in China, starting my third year in Hefei..

No kidding!!!!! 😉




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