A good start of the day!

6 04 2012

Bye bye Bossi!!!!

Senza famiglia

After the fall of the damn dwarf, another so called politician is leaving the Italian politics panorama.. and also this one has been doing more damage to Italy than else.. apparently (what a surprise! Ironic, of course!) gaining tons of personal advantage, in terms especially of money used by his family..

He himself got the notoriety that such a character would otherwise only have in local village summer festivals, competing with other village idiots to the title of “the one that can say the biggest bull$hit keeping a straight face“..

And he could win so many years in a row that eventually he even managed to be elected to the poor Italian Parliament..

Another of those figures that contribute to make Italy a common joke in the world politics. This so called politician elected only for the sweet words he could sell to northern business people, become famous for comparing North Italy to Scotland, looking for a total
independence from England.. while in our case the North should have been divided by the South.. intending the South anything south of Po river. After that, as elected politician, he repeatedly insulted the Italian flag as Italian Republic, the Italian national anthem as an union symbol, and everything that would represent Italy as a whole, North, South, Island and Italians in the world.

He is also famous for showing the finger toward Italy in several official occasions and burping or insulting opponents as show of machismo against all other parties!

This person always disgusted me deeply, in some ways more than the damn dwarf. And the people that elected and supported his movement are so simple minded people that probably will blindly followed the next idiot winning the summer 2012 idiot village shouting competition. Let’s see if this one will be able to shout louder than Bossi.

Lega all'insaputa

Left: Bossi will explain to everybody that Lega Nord has nothing to do (with party money used for private things, like Bossi’s house, Bossi’s family cars, travels, etc etc)
Right: By burping and flipping the bird? (yes, these are among the very few “political” memories from this person!!)

Thanks.. for falling down, and I hope for disappearing soon!!!




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