Happy birthday Take sensei!

12 04 2012

Thanks to my fellow blogger Aikidoka friend just posted his wishes to Steven Seagal (Take sensei), and after reading his post I felt like writing one as well.. but after checking wikipedia I got a little confused. According to them the birthday was on the 10th, so, as usual, I am late for birthday wishes!!

Back to Seagal sensei and Dragon Rider post, I actually share most of his view about the actor. Also when I meet people that just started Aikido because of Seagal’s movies I feel a little compelled to understand their vision and, if necessary, try to change their Aikido vision.. better soon!!

The only part important for me about him is his early years and Aikido practice, before the Hollywood career engulfed him and made him adapt what it would not sell enough at the movie box into something more crude and in tune with audience demands. Videos of *this* Steven Seagal are available both on yuotube and from Tenshin dojos, his organization in Japan and USA. The first video I think it is from an All Japan Aikido demo in Tokyo.

With this I don’t mean there is no future for Aikido on the big screen, and actually one of my favorite sensei, Tissier sensei, is probably the best example:

What I don’t like his the macho attitude of the movies (in general) that he also shows in the video from Tenshin dojo page! A completely different feeling than, for example, when I watch Tissier sensei, Endo sensei or other ones. I understand that for him and his actor roles it sells more the idea of the middle age little over weight guy walking around as for doing shopping at the local food store, attacked by bad dudes and.. taking care of them effortlessly keeping the same “old over weight unaware of the world” attitude. But that is what you do not want to see in any of your students when you are on the mats!! 🙂

My blogger friend was slightly converted when he realized the connection between his sensei and Take sensei.. I haven’t undergone any such conversion yet, but I admit I remember a very old video where Seagal sensei was teaching to children, Japanese as well, and he was amazing!!!

I have to admit that I do feel some jolts of excitement when I watch the Aikido videos of Take sensei! Forgetting posture and complete absence of martial awareness, the techniques and the throws are powerful and clean, more often than not!

Or maybe it is my Aikido withdrawing because of Chinese exposure talking…… 😉



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