Chinese internet bank nightmare!!

17 04 2012

I got an internet bank solution thinking it would make my life much easier!

This bank, one of the main in China, has also an English page, even if not all services are available in English.. but better than nothing!

I used it today for a money transfer. OK, in truth i started using it yesterday, tried several times.. gave up and postponed to today.

I tried most of possible combinations before resorting to the last that makes absolutely no international sense!! But then I noticed the way the bank page was referring as my registered name field.

In fact the only way the bank accepted the payment ot go through was using the name of the receiver written as:


All in capital letters, no spaces, family name first! and middle name last!

Of course, if we all had Chinese names then…..

Why did I not think about that before???? 😉

Update – As David mentioned in his comment about Korea, in China it is almost the same: the internet bank opens only on IE, luckily at least it works with the last multi-tab version!!! No Chrome or similar browser though!



One response

18 04 2012
David S. Wills

I tried using internet banking in Korea… With the fastest internet in the world and nearly everyone online, you’d expect it to be good. But no. In Korea they exclusively use Internet Explorer. Like, an old version of Internet Explorer. None of their banking websites can be used with Chrome or Firefox or even a new Internet Explorer. It’s shocking.


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