Alien.. me too!

11 05 2012

June 11, 1982 the movie E.T. was released, and I still remember going to the cinema in my hometown, to watch it. It was still 1982 but a little later on, since the movies were all dubbed in Italian.

I am pretty sure it was a quite cloudy Sunday afternoon and I went with my father to watch the movie..

Quite funny, since in my life I do not remember so well my visit to the cinema. Besides E.T. I do remember (again with my father) to have watched another more or less science fiction movie: War Games, that I see now was from 1983. Clearly, already as a young boy, I enjoyed SF and I keep doing that now, both in movies and books!!!

I do remember the different feelings though: it was a little boy watching E.T., a child, very impressionable and that felt utterly touched and sad by the impossible friendship between the little alien and the boy.. probably did shed some tears at the end of the movie.. But one year later, I got completely caught by the much faster evolution of the events in War Games, both SF and crime story. More than thinking about lost friendships, I was hoping in some real war special effects, with nuclear explosions and typical destruction scenarios..

No spoilers about this old movie though, even if it might be difficult to find it!



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