Ice porridge

13 05 2012

Summer it’s really coming, and not only because of the clearly increase of temperature, but because it is finally possible to buy again ice porridge (冰粥, Bīng zhōu) from many sweets shops and bakeries:

Ice porridge

Such a simple treat that I always think I could make a fortune selling it in Europe: shaved ice, sweetened red, green beans, cocktail fruits, fresh watermelon and different fruity sweets. Sometimes there is jelly, dried tomatoes, raisins, prunes as well.

Pure refreshment!!! All my Chinese friends love it, and I think several foreigners!

It is apparently very common in East and South East Asia.

The common price is less than 10RMB for a very good sized cup (4-7 RMB usually).

One of good things of hot Chinese summer!!!



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