A real heart for Aikido!!

23 05 2012

The very first time I heard about Aikido was a Saturday night in September 1995. I ended up with other exchange students in Trondheim to a birthday party of a man involved in the university folk dance group (yeah, as Erasmus student, do everything you can was the motto!). Then, at that party I met the couple that now are among my best friends in Norway, Simona and Karsten, and their 2 girls are my little loves.

Jon-ØyvindAnyway, that evening, Karsten did what we Aikido people always do at social happenings: talk about Aikido! In fact the “birthday-boy” was not only in the dance group but he was also the main instructor of the local Aikido club (at that time AVHI Aikido, now best known as NTNUI Tekisukan Aikido club), Jon-Øyvind. So during the evening I discovered something very Norwegian: during important events like special birthdays or wedding celebrations it is common to have a quite large number of speeches..

Kaare!!So while Karsten was explaining me what aikido is and why he enjoyed it so much, suddenly a tall, white hair and mustache man appears, wearing what I was used to call kimono but now I call keiko-gi and a funny looking black skirt, that now I call hakama.. and I think it is just slightly less funny looking! And he starts talking (Karsten translated something from the Norwegian speech) and suddenly he took out a rabbit from the jacket of the uniform, like a real Aikido magician!!!!

That was Kaare, the first time I met him. A few days later I started the beginner course of Aikido in Trondheim.

In the following years he has been for a long time in charge of NTNUI Trondheim Aikido club (not Trondheim aikido dojo, Sverre’s club! I always knew this, having been around long time, but my writing was confusing, as Miraja in the comment pointed out – btw, very nice name!!).

This man always puzzled me: a very independent personality, sometimes defined an old time Norwegian anarchist, a man feeling at home in the real nature, made for mountain trips in any season and for sharing the pleasure of good sauna post practice. A man that started Aikido quite late but gave a huge amount of his life and time to Trondheim Aikido club. In the early years I never shared his view for Aikido, not the politics and not about the teachers. But I have always been motivated and impressed by his energy and commitment. Even in his days suffering injures he always cut short the recovery in order to get back on the mats.

He will be 72 in September, and a friend told me that yesterday he went to practice less than 1 week after a.. heart operation!!!!

And he complained because apparently he had slightly less energy than usual.. forgetting the operation part!

This is our Kaare!

Kaare and Jorma

Kaare and Jorma

Kaare & Tissier sensei

Kaare & Tissier sensei

Way to go dear Kaare!!!!

super Kaare!!!

super Kaare!!!



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24 05 2012

In the following years he has been for a long time in charge of Trondheim Aikido club. Ehm, han er fantastisk, men må bare pirke litt, han har jo aldri styrt Trondheim Aikidoklubb – TAK. 🙂 Ellers enig.


24 05 2012

Uhm, I see why you got confused!!

I never meant he was in charge of TAK, Sverre’s club!!
I will rewrite it better, sorry for that!!

Sverre knows what I mean anyway: I was still around when he founded his club.. but for many years, when I did started there was only one club in Trondheim, therefore Trondheim Aikido!! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!!!


31 05 2012

very nice! I hope you don’t mind I put a link to your blog entry on aikido.no!


13 06 2012

Wow Kaare, great man at home with nature but i think you are pushing it to hard, slow down young man


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