A proper morning

27 05 2012

During an Aikido weekend, like this in Hangzhou, where we are preparing the graduation soon to come (Beijing – Irie sensei, middle of June), I am still feeling some distress in my right ankle, the one injured in Saku.

Also, sad to say, yesterday I felt some pain in my knees and the feeling was unfortunately similar to the beginning of rheumatoid arthritis pains of last year.

So yesterday night I decided I just needed a shower and relaxing, having some beers and snacks on the hotel hall with Ulruch, but not hitting the town.

So this morning after a shirt breakfast at Starbucks, I treated myself a bath.

Very hot water and a few drops of a Chinese medicine that usually I smear on knees and ankles. One of this equivalents of Tiger Balm.

For a longer enjoyment, a fresh sugar free soda and a great book (I’m on the way to finish reading the amazing Void Trilogy from the brilliant SF writer Peter F. Hamilton).

The combination of hot water and Chinese medicine made the bathroom effectively a sauna almost watering my eyes from the pungent medicine.

It was wonderful!!!

Ready for a couple of hours practice this afternoon reviewing some points after yesterday graduation trial.

Have a good Sunday folks!!

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One response

27 05 2012

Have a nice sunday you too. Here is sunny and almost warm… amazing Trøndelag! 🙂


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