Why always me?

29 06 2012

He (super Balotelli) says..

THAT’s WHY!!!!!

Go Italy!!

UPDATE (break time) – watching the match on Chinese PPlive.. a guy just ran in the studio with Italy jersey, hug the journalist that always supports italy, took off the jersey and under he had a t-shirt with written “why always me”!! Chinese guy, of course!!!!

…and there is only ONE BUFFON!!!!!! (89′)

FINAL: Germans were right: it is NOT like 6 years ago… except for the winner!!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!!


Go Italy!!!

25 06 2012

Buffon, magic as usual!!!!!


23 06 2012

..when one can shower with tranquility and even enjoying that for a nice long time without hot water!

I got some funny thing with the gas supply in my apartment: I think I still have money but I can’t get gas for cooking and for shower hot water.. and of course it is holidays!

But with about 30 degrees outside and living at the last floor (and I think the water reservoir is on the roof), I can’t say the shower is cold, even without hot water! A save in electricity as well, not only gas! 🙂

Soon time to go out.. and it’s still around 30C outside.. but the air is not still, the humidity not too high.. even possible to sleep without using the fan!

The Void is slightly less mysterious now

22 06 2012

After I have been busy reading again the Martin’s books from of the series “A Song of Ice and Fire“, and using Murakami’s 1Q84 as one of the best traveling companions, I admit I put the latter on hold when I got the ordered trilogy by Hamilton about the Void.

I am a huge SF reader, more than fantasy or anything else, even if I do read a bit of everything! But Hamilton works got me at once as probably among the most brilliant SF books and ideas ever thought. He is one of those master that maybe in 1000 years people will celebrate for the “far sight” in imagining stuff than then become every day stuff. Like the other masters celebrated nowadays for their “dreams”, as Asimov, Bradbury (RIP), Huxley, etc. Of course I read a little bit or a little bit too much from all the above mentioned, and others!

Hamilton though, since I read the “The Night’s Dawn Trilogy“, my introduction in his work, became *the* most interesting author at the present time. Saying that this trilogy contains so many different elements, mixing history to humor to brilliant SF idea, is still too little. Every words, from the beginning captures you, and keep you reading for the whole 3 times more than thousand pages per book!

The Void trilogy was slightly smaller in pages, but still very fascinating.

I wonder now what will come out next from his mind!!\

Now that this obsession is over, I can finish Murakami’s 1Q84 and the re-reading of book 4 of Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” – A Feast for Crows and then start the freshly purchased Book 5 (and yet not read!) A Dance with Dragons.

Also it is time to buy some new books from Amazon China (cheap and fast delivery): any suggestions dear friends??

Dragon Boat festival holidays

22 06 2012

3 days holidays for the Dragon Boat festival, 端午節 (Duānwǔ jié), but the funny part is that this in truth means (when compared to the rest of the world), 1 day free from work, today! Then it comes the weekend, usually off in a 5-working days week (as for my and most of the people I know in China as well). But of course overtime and weekend at works are in general a normality over here (I got already one scheduled for July for a system installation and tuning).

Tradition during these days is eating 粽子, Zòngzi, sticky rice stuffed with different stuff and wrapped in bamboo leaves. The funny thing is that the very first time I got one of those (in Norway) I tried to bite all, leaves included!! And that had been very funny to my Chinese friends! For me as well, on a second thought!

No plans for my holidays..

Actually until 7pm yesterday night I would have been supposed to work (yeah, overtime during holidays.. Welcome to China!) but then yesterday overtime did not lead to any good results and we lost the reasons to work these days.. But no plan had been made.. so I am in Hefei..

The weather is good, actually great: sunny but there is a nice breeze, especially when sitting here at the 13th floor writing this. I plan to write a bit more on the blog and update some pics. Or just get out and enjoy weather and free time.. which one?? 😉

Happy Dragon Boat festival everyone!

Dead tired but happy!!

19 06 2012

Weekend seminar in Beijing with Irie sensei, one of my super favorite since my first session with him last year in Shanghai. Again I went to the Beijing big seminar with sensei and again it was a great experience, even if this time he used me much less as uke. Probably it was good since physically I am far from 100% and the ankle is not yet fully recovered!

I cannot complain though: even if I have not been “used” as 2 good friends from Shanghai central dojo I still had the chance to be extensively thrown around by sensei.

And last weekend we had two days at 36-38 degrees C in Beijing: ones home I weighted my two keikogi jackets and one pair of trousers… About 10kg of.. happiness!!

10kg of happiness!!!

Soon I’ll add more technical about this very nice weekend: sensei‘s Aikido is easy to enjoy, even if when your own energy level reaches the lower limit.. but you still want to get more!

For a full enjoyment, since there was the chance, I have also been uke to 2 gradings, one to a 1.kyu (a good friend from Hangzhou) and one for a 2.dan!

Even better that all passed!!

Prandelli: I have only 1 doubt..

15 06 2012

(This is about Italian football, therefore one of the most important aspect for the life of any Italian!)
Like this the Italian national football team trainer before the match they had to win in order to hope to get through the first phase of the European 2012 tournament. After a terrible world cup in 2010 it seemed a reasonably good team and a reasonably experience, well prepared and independent trainer could take back Italy to some of the deserved results.

The first match Balotelli (aka Super-Mario, but he deserves the nickname more for the bullsh*t stuff he does off field than for the way he plays) and Cassano (aka Brufolo-Bill, for his face full of pimple), the attack pair, did not so well together: Balotelli is a spoiled and childish and crazy (90% of the time) and brilliant (10% of the time) top player, paid too much and with too many thoughts for his tiny brain; Cassano, used to be a vry good unconventional player (meaning, also spoiled, unnerving and crazy.. he wasted so many chances in his life..), but then he did not play about 6 months this year for a health problem. Prandelli, Italian coach, showed courage making this Italian team and giving trust to difficult players like these 2, players that out of their genius should be the one changing a match..

Should.. but they are not (yet for Balotelli, anymore for Cassano? Who knows!).

So after the first match where the trainer changed Balotelli for old and convincing and practical forward Di Natale (enter, touch 2 balls, then score!), and I was actually among the few people that would have preferred to keep Balotelli on the field and change Cassano, it seems Prandelli wanted to make at least one important change for the second match as well. And he kept repeating to Italian journalist: “I have only one doubt for the match with Croatia”.. a match that we had to win! And, my god, we played against Croatia: all the respect, but, Croatia!!! Not Brasil!!! Croatia #21 UEFA ranking; Italy #4 (according to FIFA though, Croatia is 4 positions ahead of Italy..oh, then it’s ok, good we did not lose!)

Everybody thought the doubt was: who will stay out to let Di Natale be part of the starting 11? Or should finally De Rossi play as midfielder since he is among the bests there? These were the the kind of questions we Italian supporters were expecting.. But no.. apparently this was not part of Prandelli thoughts..

Waiting to see if another “biscotto” after the one in 2004 will send us home again from an European tournament, I want to try to guess what this doubt was about.. maybe some readers can contribute as well (any language!!):

Should I drink white or red wine with the dinner food?
Should it have been better if Casssano had used the word
culattone instead of frocio? Should I wear boxer or underpants?
Should I shave before or after the shower?
And when take a dump?
Should I wear it on the left or right side?
Should Balotelli color his hairs yellow or not?
Should I get out from the bed with the left or right foot?
Should I tell all the journalist that it is not true there are a couple of homosexual in the national team, but it is true there is 1 not homosexual and it is not me?
Should I bet that Italy goes home after the group qualification or ask my wife to do it?
Should I tell my players or not that maybe it is better to score more than one goal per game?
Are Poland & Ukraine one or two countries?
Why that idiot of the Italian team trainer did not bring a real forward able to score when necessary? Who’s that idiot, I’ll kick his @$$! Oh. no.. wait.. Am I that idiot? Maybe..
Should I have told my players during the break that winning is better than not? Is Balotelli able to run? Able to shoot? Able to score? Still able to play football? Who cares, he is such a nice kid, why should I not let him play how, where and how much he wants?
Should I wear a brown-shit or violet-puke tie?
We got here with a defense with 4 player, should we maybe use it again? Monday night I’ll be able to start my holidays: mountains or sea? Does Thiago Motta understand Italian? And Cassano?
I was sure I had taken with us one of the best central midfielder in Italy, Daniele De Rossi, I think, but where is he? Did I send him back with Criscito?
What was the number of that pretty Russian massage girl offering happy ending?

And just for Italians, maybe the biggest doubt Prandelli has and will always have:
Ditemi perche’ se la mucca fa “mu” il merlo non fa “me”??