Happy Children day!

1 06 2012

Chinese children day today, 六一国际儿童节 (liù yī guó jì ér tóng jié)..

Little hugs to the little children then!

I snatched this picture a couple of weeks ago at Hefei train station.

The child was so intent watching what was happening behind him, so serious!

Happy Children's day

I must say that the group of adults the child was with was a little strange. They were 5-6 women, with maybe 3-4 children all boys, all of the same age more or less, except one extremely small. They all were very dirty and, sorry to say, so smelly that we moved away after too long. The age of the women was ranging from 25 to 50, maybe. Some clearly older, some quite young. They had some big bags full of apparently heavy stuff, but no more than 1 bag each.

Let’s say that a few bad thoughts passed both my and 潘蕾’s mind about the group. WE both just hoped that the children were not going to be sold. And that the women were just internal migrant people, a huge reality in modern China! With their problems and their children..




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