Too much coffee???

8 06 2012

..or some people were on a hurry!!

Aftenposten, major Oslo/Norway newspaper published this comparison between the first Norwegian Aikido shihan, Bjørn Eirik Olsen, 6.dan from Tromsø, and the first Norwegian serial killer and terrorist, Breivik.

The topic of comparison is.. both do meditation and follow/know the true budo, the way of the warrior, or samurai code..


..but the guy in the picture is not Olsen sensei!!! (Maybe they’ll change it eventually!!)

I actually have no idea who is the guy, but maybe he did not want to have his face there, being compared to the worst Norwegian criminal, even if on the topic of meditation and samurai code!!!

I would have preferred to be compared to Forrest Whitaker for his Ghost Dog



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