What a nice ankle I got!

9 06 2012

"healthy" practice..

It wasn’t a beauty at start (left) but now (right) it’s a wreck!!

Same ankle I have injured in Japan, and unfortunately it wasn’t fully recovered, got twisted again Saturday during practice in Shanghai. And as in Japan I practiced a little longer, with pain killers and elastic bandage support (I was scheduled to teach one session!).

Admittedly I do not feel so good today, but I have big hopes (and rest planned) to get a good condition back for the seminar in two weekends in Beijing with Irie sensei 🙂

..and just for be safe, I’ll pack a good amount of pain killers for the trip!!

I am sure it is not RA effect, even if these weeks I have been feeling some tingling in my joints and knees especially, a feeling I remember right before last August RA appearance.

Today and tomorrow the plan was practicing in Wuhan: I will still go but taking with me the good Nikon camera and focusing on some Aikido pictures!