Aikifreak starts aiki-blog!

11 06 2012

And it finally happened, another Aikido freak (actual “the” one and only, real Aiki-freak!) started also his blog, since now, in his hometown he cannot practice these 12 times per week as he usually does!

So what to do of all this free time? Enter the crazy world of blogging!!!

It is a honor also that for the blog headline he uses the present I brought for him (and many other Aiki-friends) from China:

合气怪兽 Aiki freak (Hé qì guàishòu )

We traveled so much together and even if we are now separated by thousands of kilometers I am quite happy to say that we still keep in contact..

A pity that I cannot practice with him as much as before, especially since his Aikido learning curve has been exponential, thanks to the time he does manage to spend on the mats. His blog will take advantage from the tons of Aikido notes he took, in the same way I have always done, for many years now. But he has a better discipline in this for me: I usually put on paper after the seminar, when I travel home.. but Aiki-freak always find some time for his notes before going to bed or between beers or during a break at the party..

tatami hug

I am sure his blog will be very interesting and more balanced than mine, being him much more balanced as a person than me! For sure he will not take too strong positions on things as I do.. and besides, he is a very nice young Norwegian.. not an old cynic b@st@rd Italian like me!!

Dear friends, have a look then at Aiki-freak’s thoughts! You’ll not regret!
(for sure he will not have like 25 started post going back as far as 4-5 years ago seminars in Norway!!)