Dead tired but happy!!

19 06 2012

Weekend seminar in Beijing with Irie sensei, one of my super favorite since my first session with him last year in Shanghai. Again I went to the Beijing big seminar with sensei and again it was a great experience, even if this time he used me much less as uke. Probably it was good since physically I am far from 100% and the ankle is not yet fully recovered!

I cannot complain though: even if I have not been “used” as 2 good friends from Shanghai central dojo I still had the chance to be extensively thrown around by sensei.

And last weekend we had two days at 36-38 degrees C in Beijing: ones home I weighted my two keikogi jackets and one pair of trousers… About 10kg of.. happiness!!

10kg of happiness!!!

Soon I’ll add more technical about this very nice weekend: sensei‘s Aikido is easy to enjoy, even if when your own energy level reaches the lower limit.. but you still want to get more!

For a full enjoyment, since there was the chance, I have also been uke to 2 gradings, one to a 1.kyu (a good friend from Hangzhou) and one for a 2.dan!

Even better that all passed!!



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