Dragon Boat festival holidays

22 06 2012

3 days holidays for the Dragon Boat festival, 端午節 (Duānwǔ jié), but the funny part is that this in truth means (when compared to the rest of the world), 1 day free from work, today! Then it comes the weekend, usually off in a 5-working days week (as for my and most of the people I know in China as well). But of course overtime and weekend at works are in general a normality over here (I got already one scheduled for July for a system installation and tuning).

Tradition during these days is eating 粽子, Zòngzi, sticky rice stuffed with different stuff and wrapped in bamboo leaves. The funny thing is that the very first time I got one of those (in Norway) I tried to bite all, leaves included!! And that had been very funny to my Chinese friends! For me as well, on a second thought!

No plans for my holidays..

Actually until 7pm yesterday night I would have been supposed to work (yeah, overtime during holidays.. Welcome to China!) but then yesterday overtime did not lead to any good results and we lost the reasons to work these days.. But no plan had been made.. so I am in Hefei..

The weather is good, actually great: sunny but there is a nice breeze, especially when sitting here at the 13th floor writing this. I plan to write a bit more on the blog and update some pics. Or just get out and enjoy weather and free time.. which one?? 😉

Happy Dragon Boat festival everyone!



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