Three gorges

27 07 2012

This weekend 潘蕾 and I are going to visit these place here:


..the three gorges dam, one of the biggest dam in the world.. good or bad.. certainly the closest to me!

A good trip after about 2 weeks of continuous work, tons of overtime..

Only risk, it’s melting!! This area is hot.. HOT weather, and food!!! At least we got seats on the train, not like last trip in Suzhou (when we were standing!!)

Have a good weekend folks!

Sweating in clean room

24 07 2012

For maintenance reasons, right now the temeprature in clean room is 30 degrees C and 70% humidity..

When you are dress like this, it is really worse than staying outside!!

Overtime on the overtime

23 07 2012

So sorry I had practically no time to write on the blog, with a full and quite demanding working week that continues in 2 overtime 8-hours  working days the past weekend, with overtime Sunday after the 8 hours…

I am soooooooo Chinese!!!! I think I am more yellow than before… 😉

Not Chinese enough though to enjoy the weather of the last days: temperature fixed over 30-32 degrees C and humidity in average well over 60%.

At 7am of Monday morning we have around 30 degrees C and 89% humidity in a sunny day!!

I am indeed overusing the electric fan an Italian friend left me just before he left Hefei a couple of years ago because I do not especially like air condition, but I fear the day I will have to use it at home is getting closer!!

A couple of more days of hard work (we have visit from an American supplier for some tuning of a system, and the weekend work was planned because of his limited time here!), one weekend free that probably I will use for going somewhere, and then in August I will finally have Aikido every weekend! 🙂

Unfortunately August last year it’s also when my RA problem got out and my right ankle after the injure in Japan and then in Shanghai has not completely recover. I still feel pain, and this is not that good. But I can’t stop looking forward several weeks in a row with planned practice! 🙂

Happy week, everybody!

A candle for Norway..

23 07 2012

A monster tried to take our humanity.. and failed.. but took too many lives..

You are missed…

life in Hefei

It is not me!!!!

18 07 2012

From Italian newspaper, naked man assaulting the traffic in.. Hefei!!

The Chinese news says that it is probably (!) a psychiatric patient.. he smashed nearly 20 vehicles..

A shock for several female taxi drivers 😉 something to tell grandchildren for sure!!

Post Script to the previous post

15 07 2012

During a break from reading Murakami I checked as usual some job Internet page and for the first time I found an opening in Japan for field application engineer (what I do!) where they do NOT ask out front for Japanese language skills!!!


Of course I wrote straight away to the HR..

In truth I never worked hands on in that field, but I got academic experience, motivations, extensive engineering knowledge…. And I can make a damn good tiramisu!!!!


Normal coffee? Wait please!

15 07 2012

I just realized that at Starbucks asking for a normal brewed coffee is strange to the least. The do not keep it ready for serving but often they just make the desired cup size.

Anyway, coffee & 1Q84 for some relax morning in Hangzhou.

Have a good Sunday everybody!!

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