2 07 2012

If a tree falls in a forest
and nobody is there
it is still a tree, right?
Jason StackhouseTrue Blood

Weekend of overtime work: Saturday full day and Sunday half, spent almost completely in clean room (where we got new humidity settings around 60% because typical for PCB fab-houses!). So yesterday night I felt in need only to food and relax: left overs of Dr. Oetker pizza (certainly the best frozen pizza available both in Norway and here in China) and a good hamburger (both from Metro) solved the first part. For the relaxation I decided to watch several episodes of True Blood since available on PPTV. A relaxing nonsense, with a hint of story and several funny situations!

It was supposed to be a rainy weekend, therefore I did not suffer too much accepting the work schedule. The weather forecast since last week showed rainy, heavy rainy for every day since Friday to the middle of next week. Therefore I planned one night only at the rock music festival in Hefei, risking a wet night, and then it was ok to work inside (clean room = no windows!!).

Until Sunday afternoon, it did not rain a single drop! And the rain also was just a summer storm, heavy, sudden and fast. The nonsense of the forecast (from both Chinese and the good Norwegian site Yr I often use) was probably due to the heavy air humidity that must have brought the meteorology people to commit mistakes.

On the other hand the air has freshen up, but they told me this period of rain is just introducing the very hot summer. Fresher now means much hotter later!

It’s the beginning of July and I feel I have missed one month: almost not writing here, and having so many thoughts, especially about Aikido and the practice I am missing. And I know I had to change my plans already for July, basically cancelling the 2 weekends of practice I had planned (therefore the only practice I could get). A part of my life is disappearing and that was the most important. I can’t live with this nonsense anymore. I got something I was looking for, but I am not ready to leave out something else too important for me.

It is time to focus and take some decisions..

Watching several episodes on a row of True Blood I came to wonder about some extra nonsense, not just the words out of Jason mouth (how that actor could keep a straight face? These are good actors!!) but also:

  • Are all vampires intrinsically gay?
  • The most used words in this vampire series are: love, sucks, sorry..

Week starting again.. more work, less time for nonsense!



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