Overtime on the overtime

23 07 2012

So sorry I had practically no time to write on the blog, with a full and quite demanding working week that continues in 2 overtime 8-hours  working days the past weekend, with overtime Sunday after the 8 hours…

I am soooooooo Chinese!!!! I think I am more yellow than before… 😉

Not Chinese enough though to enjoy the weather of the last days: temperature fixed over 30-32 degrees C and humidity in average well over 60%.

At 7am of Monday morning we have around 30 degrees C and 89% humidity in a sunny day!!

I am indeed overusing the electric fan an Italian friend left me just before he left Hefei a couple of years ago because I do not especially like air condition, but I fear the day I will have to use it at home is getting closer!!

A couple of more days of hard work (we have visit from an American supplier for some tuning of a system, and the weekend work was planned because of his limited time here!), one weekend free that probably I will use for going somewhere, and then in August I will finally have Aikido every weekend! 🙂

Unfortunately August last year it’s also when my RA problem got out and my right ankle after the injure in Japan and then in Shanghai has not completely recover. I still feel pain, and this is not that good. But I can’t stop looking forward several weeks in a row with planned practice! 🙂

Happy week, everybody!



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24 07 2012

About your AR:

Take a couple of capsules every day of this:

I chose this specific item because it has high concentration of omega 3 compared to other products, and it is economic.

Do not eat it together with oily food or food rich in omega 6.

After a few weeks you’ll be almost like new. Keep taking it, do not stop.

Avoid inflammatory foods.

Enjoy your time on the mat!


24 07 2012

P.S. drink a lot of water and of course completely avoid drinking any soda drinks, including all those water + sugar + tea flavor drinks etc.


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