A month of “Aikido weekends”

3 08 2012

I haven’t written or checked anything on my blog in maybe 2 weeks. Lots of work, some extra stuff to do at home and at the end, very little time or motivations (yeah, time maybe not such a problem). Also the past hot nights spent with the electric fan almost at full power and directed straight to my head proved to be too sweaty for sitting and writing at my laptop (that in this weather becomes a tiny heater as well).

Tonight after work I’ll go to the train station: weekend in Shanghai and finally some Aikido. Beginning of my Aikido weekends for the month of August: Shanghai and practice at Xijiao West dojo Saturday followed by central dojo practice on Sunday. Then 2 weekends in a row in Beijing for Horii sensei, 7.dan, and Dominique Rascle sensei, 5.dan. Dominique, like last year, will spend long holidays in China visiting different dojos, and this year he will have other 2 weekend seminars: Wuhan and Shanghai, after Beijing, for completing my August of Aikido weekends!

I look forward but in the back on my head I am also a little worried and anxious: my right ankle is still not 100% recovered. Externally it still looks a little swollen, but the pain is minimal. This appearance and this tiny pain though worry me the most, because make me thinking it is rheumatoid arthritis problems, not the twisted I suffered in Japan and Shanghai earlier.

Last year RA popped out in August, at Dominique seminar in Beijing. This I feel quite ok, apart from the ankle. No special feeling in the knees. But the condition is what it is, with so little practice, and long hours at work that left me a little empty of extra energy.

The fear of the pain I had last year is only a part of this thoughts: I really want to have the chance to just practice! Long time my body has been completely injure free that my mind can be free (actually, since Saku, right before I injured!). Then the memory of last year RA is scary too. Also because this time 潘蕾 is not here and in case of help for hospital (traditional or not) and buy medicine I am alone.. therefore lost.. And of course this adds to the general uneasy feelings I have right now! Unfortunately, the limitation in action because of the lacking language is one of my biggest problems, forcing me to always ask help. Thing I hate! Apparently not enough though to let me learn better Chinese..

Furthermore, friends in Shanghai advised me to expect a real storm, coming in tonight or tomorrow.. Anything better than Sunday: I got a flight ticket back to Hefei!

Given I am not really afraid of the bad weather and flying, the other thoughts have a heavier weight in my mind. Thoughts that also relate to some work changes that soon will affect my live here in China. Probably with a change of city keeping the same job, or a change of both, city & job.. if.. if I do find something else..

Not so easy thoughts!

This morning anyway, thanks to Jacqueline on FB I had the change to read an interesting article about the decision of Tissier sensei to ask to withdraw the application of a French federation to his 8.dan. Lots of politics in Aikido, but it is always nice to hear good honorable words from a person that anyway does not surprise me now for this. I always thought sensei is a serious and intelligent martial artist of top qualities, human as much as technical! The background of the story is also there!



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3 08 2012

Enjoy the aikido! Take care of your body! Good luck with the job/city change!

Big hug from hell!



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