Like last year.. different from last year!

11 08 2012

I remember last year, Aikido weekend in Beijing at the same time that 2 Italian football teams play the Italian Super-Cup in Beijing.. money, uhm! The power of yuan against common sense! It is also true that playing this match in Italy it would have probably brought 14 people to the stadium while here in China it will be completely full!

I remember last year, it was Inter – Milan.. this year Juventus – Naples.. go Juve! (yes, I am a ‘gobbo’.. zebra-man.. we’ll probably lose, but we will try again!)..

I remember last year, it was sunny, this year it is going to rain probably. It has been raining, even heavily, in Hefei (in Beijing very heavily some weeks ago, with several dead too). And this rain tonight makes me feel a little worried, because without any apparent reason suddenly my joints feel not so good.

I remember last year, I worked very late at my pc the night before for a translation.. and it is exactly what I am doing this year.

I remember last year, in the morning before going to the airport, I had some strange feelings in the knees, as little needles were piercing the knee caps. Not a news for me, but then it got worse during the weekend until it exploded in full arthritis. Tonight, I feel uneasy, but it is not only a psychological feeling and definitively I don’t think a psychosomatic one. I feel stiff in the joints, and my ankles are more swollen than yesterday.

This year thought I have packed all the possible protections for practice and mix of traditional medicine and pain killers. And this year I know for what to look for as form of pain it is better to not push too much..

This year, I am more aware… I hope! 😉



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11 08 2012

Take care! Enjoy the keiko! See you soon! Hug from hell! 😉



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