I can’t believe it’s Friday!

17 08 2012

This week has flown away.. I remember almost only working at work and working at home.. Not sleeping much..

I have to remember to pack properly and take my flight to Beijing tomorrow morning: after 2 years I will practice again with Horii sensei, 7.dan from Japan. Looking forward.. I guess! OK, on the Aikido side, yes, I definitely look forward to this weekend, but even without pain I have been closely observing my joints during this week of changing weather in Hefei. As I said, I got no special pain, but the swelling is back, even in minor form.

This weekend will be the most demanding so far, and probably most for the month. No, he will not use me as uke (not like Irie sensei: at this seminar all the other people are actually his students in China and a few are coming from his connected dojo in Hong Kong). But I expect the classes and the level on the mats to be higher than the past (and future 2) weekends.

Horii sensei‘s Aikido was nice and essential. Well structured and effective. Lacking the work on control and focus on uke that I like from the typical Aikido I practice, but nonetheless practice with sensei is  interesting and educational. I look forward also to meet more people from the Beijing dojo close to sensei. I know there is some new friends that I met at previous seminars in Beijing. And Saturday night it will be party time in the dojo: very good, since Sunday I will have to run away after the first session because of the flight to Hefei (not so many choices).

I know I am behind at least for three seminars (got notes, yeah) but I promise myself to write more next week, and not only for work/after work! 😉

My blog left the original path to be more about Aikido, I’m not like my dear Aikifreak friend writing so good about the notes we both learnt to take, but I still got ltos of thoughts to share, lots of post started and not finished, lots of words about Aikido that come from mind and heart and eventually mix on the keyboard…

Thanks for still reading, and dear friends, have a good weekend!

PS Also My Stories have been frozen, and also for those I got some other short rambling that maybe someone still enjoys to read!



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