21 years of prison..

24 08 2012

How’s possible to call it justice?

It is, for the maximum penalty a monster can get in Norway.

It seems too little, especially if he will remain in the Norwegian prison system, not that hard place.. and because Norwegian respect life he will also be protected by internal personal revenge.. like being beaten to death or similar.. that he probably would deserve..

In general I am against death penalty, but I am not against personal balance of terms.. call it revenge or vendetta.. 21 years, I wish he would suffer every second! I do not wish he would die fast and now, quite the opposite: a sane beating every day of his wasted life..and of course then healed for making him fit to a new beating..

This would be justice..

For now I really do not know what I feel..



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24 08 2012

To call it justice it should have been 21 years for every person he murdered…


25 08 2012

Shocking for me is that Norwegian people are relieved and finally consider the case closed. I say shocking, but I am not sure in which way. Impressed? I do not know. I still have more hate for the monster.
The hope is that the judges can extend his time in prison. The monster should never see the outside world anymore..


25 08 2012

With the current system they will no longer let him out if they consider it probable that he will be a danger to society. The Norwegians do not really expect him to leave jail. I suspect he will be in danger if he does. I await further clarifications on these subjects.


26 08 2012

Clarification: the sentence (which has “forvaring”) can be extended 5 years at the time when the end of the sentence approaches. This is extremely important for the Norwegian public. I think it would be a scandal if this possibility is not used … indefinitely.


27 08 2012

Very true, I read that too, but i also read this:
We must prepare ourselves about him getting out of prison (Norwegian).

Tell you the truth, I will not be surprised if it will happen.. Norwegians managed before to let the rights and humanity “win” over sadness and revenge feeling.. it is admirable and at the same time wrong with monsters…


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