Long time no…

24 08 2012

..see such a strong lightning storm, rain storm, wind storm.. typical summer storm! Like a few nights ago here in Hefei, perfect counterbalance of the return of high humidity and hot weather since the end of last week! Sitting at my pc writing this and doing some work on the side, even working with a laptop, I often save!! 😉 From time to time the reflection of the lightning on the screen is making me blink!

..see Horii sensei, and again I enjoyed very much his seminar! The club organizing, Aikido Seidojuku in Beijing, has been very nice allowing other people from around China to take part to the seminar. So besides me, also Aikido friends from Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenyang and of course other clubs in Beijing!

..perform torifune and furitama during warming up: movements I always enjoyed practicing (in warm up) and then using as applications, as my first sensei, Kanetsuka Minoru sensei, was often doing. Always going back to the basics, and what it is more basic than what you do for warming up?

..practice jo!!! That was really ages! And I had to miss the Sunday session with bokken, but another good aspect of Horii sensei is is bukiwaza, quite a lot of weapon practice and parallel between Aikido body movement (taisabaki) and the same during weapon practice. About the jo session, I must thank the practice long ago with Anne Ducouret sensei, in Trondheim: many aspects of Horii sensei jo practice reminded me those sessions. Also the way to remove fast the fingers to avoid getting them smashed by your partner stick!! (These reminded more Mathias face when his fingers got smashed.. every session a couple of times!)

..practice ushiro tenkan, the stepping backward movement equivalent to a reversed irimi, but not moving only on the line and pulling the backward step more out of the line, more circularly (from this the tenkan part). Typical movement done for fast avoidance of straight attacks as they can be shomenuchi or tsuki. The rotation in the backward step gives an angle toward uke that becomes extremely advantageous for techniques. The same taisabaki was applied in the jo practice.

..work thoroughly on tesabaki, the way to use the hands in Aikido. From katatedori gyaku hanmi  and ai hanmi, we worked through several techniques and movements. All basics, techniques everybody studies mostly during the first graduation tests. But then many think it is boring practicing kokyuo ho or katadori nikyo but both these techniques contain so many basic key points for building up a good Aikido.

..eating a good okonomiyaki ((お好み焼き)!! So called Japanese pizza, it is a special omelette that I love!! And the one at the dinner party was made by sensei!!!

Horii sensei cooking okonomiyaki!

Horii sensei cooking okonomiyaki!



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