The most expensive ticket of my life!!

3 09 2012

And yes, it is done!

Bought today for my trip to Italy (Biella, home), then a briefly stop to Lyon for Endo sensei seminar and then a few more days in Trondheim for some stuff related to the house.

No time for anything else, no time for visits the other friends anywhere else than in these places.

A pity, I would love to meet more of my friends in Norway and Italy, but I will not have any time to do anything else, and it’s true, Norway is not so big, but it takes time to move around.. and money!! 2 of the things I got not so much anymore to spare!

I will miss Vittorio in Trondheim (visiting Italy when I travel to Norway.. timing, uhm?) but I hope to meet a few of the other friends left there, and have a couple of Aikido sessions. Italy the same, most of my closest friends do not live anymore in Biella, but I will manage to meet some of the new Aikido friends.

Lyon will be a new experience, visiting Dominique Rascle sensei dojo and practice again with Endo sensei. This summer I had three nice practice weekend with Dominique sensei (soon writing Aikido post!!) and I look forward to visit his dojo as well! And visit Lyon.. even if my companion of many trips, Svein, maybe will not be able to join (not joining will actually be good news, with respect to some work openings.. cross fingers, even if I will be a little sad!)..

That’s life, and life will go on.. and some time in the future some new chances for trips will come and hopefully I still have some friends in the places where I haven’t been in ages that would enjoy meeting me.. maybe..




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