What happened to the summer?

10 09 2012

According to the calendar, it is still summer, but since this week all students are back to school, teachers have started their normal timetable, the weather is a little more gray than before, a little more often autumn like than summer like..

For me, a normal “Chinese” worker, no summer break, but one can get use of that very fast. The only strange feeling has been looking around an imaginary corner and see that the autumn and winter are already there, looking behind me and see.. very little! What happened to my summer?

I spent all weekends in August and first in September practicing Aikido: Shanghai, Beijing (x2), Wuhan and back to the beginning, Shanghai.. A good month for my Aikido. Met old friends and made new friends. Visited one dojo where I had not been before and spent very good time on and off the mats.

At the same time though, I was just waiting and asking myself if (when) the joint inflammation would have come back. After last summer I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis I was quite worried for this August of Aikido. I might have been lucky, or maybe I took a better care of my body or just was better prepared for protecting my joints during practice (elastic band on right ankle, knee pads and always a good selection of different pain killers and more traditional medicine helps for the time off the mats). I was definitely more aware of the risk. The ankles have been swelling a little but the pains in the body have been decreasing, even if the intensity of the weekends was quite constant, especially with Dominique sensei.

Apart from Aikido though, I managed to visit two new places: Suzhou and Yichang. I still have to post several pictures and a few more words, but it has been quite nice. Suzhou is a very green city, even being close to Shanghai and a quite important center for semiconductor industry, among other manufactures. Several parks and tons of history! Yichang is a city growth because of the Three Gorges Dam. And this growth was relatively recent, exploding right through the normal life of the locals. It made a quite strange effect. Seems everybody there is really trying harder (than usual Chinese, I mean) to get rich as soon as possible. the power of water
the quiet of water

When I think thought to the weekdays, what have I been doing this summer? That is the little sadness. Can’t remember doing much at all! I have been working, then often working in the evenings at home as well. Little going out, little doing something else.

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – I have been writing this post during the past week. And Friday at work the management told all the employees that this week we cannot come to the company because of some works on the power grid, therefore we can take as “work from home”.. or just, holidays!!! 😉 Summer maybe is over, but I got my break at the end!! Let’s see what I will do, a pity though that 潘蕾 is back at school… Probably a good week for blog and pictures!!!



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