Hangzhou time..

15 09 2012

Yesteday an ok class practicing jo, today my friend Minh from Vietnam will teach some Aikido and tomorrow I’ll probably continue with some bokken..

Morning spent working on some translations and watching some videos of an ancient live Anthrax concert in the background!!

With some Metallica here and there and a little of good hard rock from China, with 扭曲的机器 (search this song: 没人给你面子, you won’t be
disappointed!!) (I posted earlier in this very blog..)

Soon time to get ready and meet Minh.. my mind is racing to rpactice already, to my work yesterday on different jo movements build up in a quite interesting sequence and the meaning it shoudl have for us, in Aikido..

And suddenly I thought I should try to get one day and visit Stavanger as well, during my 4 days in Norway.. Let’s see if I do find some flights and some people there willing also to practice some Aikido 😉

Good weekend folks!



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