Not a good time to practice Aikido!

16 09 2012

The Italian internet newspaper do not write a single line, lost of course after the muslim-USA problems.. but the Chinese-Japanese crisis because of the tiny uninhabited Senkaku “islands”, or better 8 agglomerate of rocks, little vegetation and maybe in the future.. oil? Not confirmed.. so no actual value except for the pure and illogical idealism and nationalism!

The row has old roots, but in this days the situation has fired up.

In the best American attitude of old Bush times, when election comes around and it is time the people look to the real work of their politicians, these people find some distractions in order to gain power and consense.. and what’s best than a war against old enemies? Real Bush-USA typical strategy but this time the wr would not be in some remote arabic land (and dear Americans are paying dearly, especially these days!!), but it could destroy a difficult and tenous balance in the Pacific region.

Watching Chinese TV and then checking internet I have been surprised the major Italian news did not report a single line of what happened the past few days: the same thing you people see in arabic countries (burning og flags and cars, attacking embassies protected by policemen in full body armor) is happening here, in major cities, Beijing and Shanghai firstly.

Chinese police defending the entrance of Japanese embassies and large group of people trying to break through and throwing rocks to the police.

Many Japanese companies have been isolated and Japanese people attacked, in restaurant or just on the street. Friends around here said to be worried people might come to the club just because Aikido is Japanese. I seriously do not know if Endo sensei will come to China in less than one month: Japanese embassy suggested all Japanese people to avoid trips to China if not strictly necessary.

Even with “tunnel” I am having problems opening Wikipedia and Youtube: in these situation one of the first steps the Chinese government always takes is tight the Internet control.

Everybody is talknig about this, from the taxi driver to the business man. China managed to focus on the ghost enemy, the historical one, so that htey forget why the cost of life is increasing like crazy, especially in Beijing, but the salaries are not going in the same way! Why the population is let to increase again (new “one-cxhild policy”: now it is easier to get a second child, if your parents had no siblings) even if everywhere the talks are about a weak economy growth. But soon it is election time, and China needs to feel a unite nation again with a strong leader not afraid to lead a terrible battle against an old hated neighbour..

And of course, the people that does not have anything to do about this is taken in the cross fire..

I wonder when the western press will start considering this in the proper way!



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16 09 2012

I see Dagbladet has a story on this ( , but Aftenposten hasn’t caught on yet.


16 09 2012

Being Chinese myself, I’ve heard, understand, and agree with the argument that Japan needs to come clean with its wartime past. It’s the equivalent of Germany not openly acknowledging that it’s citizens played a significant role operating, maintaining, and justifying the Jewish concentration camps in WW2.

That being said, this stuff is getting old and with the world coming to an end, I would expect countries to have a perspective on things. The US dollar being replaced, the Americans (my birth country) becoming more and more openly imperialistic by the minute, general extremism on the rise everywhere, 2012, etc. As us Americans would say it: “The whole world’s going to shit.”


18 09 2012


Japan. Indeed Japan should accept and apologize for their heinous crimes against humanity in China. Absolutely. If not for China’s sake than for their own. Being xenophobic and closed will be their downfall with current debt levels, opening up is the only way to go. Unfortunately they are a “face” society like China so apologizing or recognizing mistakes of reality does not come easy. I am saying this as someone who loves Japan the country and its culture and have Japanese friends. It’s almost one of the most beautiful places on earth.

China. As I said, Japan absolutely has to acknowledge what the country did last century and apologize to China. At the same time China itself still does not recognize that far worse things have happened last century by various Chinese people. That many tens of millions died because of it. The reason for that is different due to local system, but being a “face” society has a lot to do with it as well. Hard landing already started in China, so using the oldest political trick in the book we should expect more direct anger and blame toward outside forces as countries and foreigners, instead of looking inside.

USA. The USD is not going to be replaced any time soon and for sure not by the RMB. The core system in the USA is sound, even with all its faults. The housing recovery has already started, comparing to Australia where the bubble has not even poped yet (soon it will, with hard commodities crashing down) or in China which it started to pop only last year, facing many years of readjustment. Assuming it can readjust.

Bottom line. Hopefully all people in Japan and China will come to realize that we are all interconnected now by economy and culture to a certain degree. Have a look at Cuba and Iran to see how it is to be isolated. We are all the same at the end of the day. Peace.


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