Contradictions in the protest!

20 09 2012

(Potentially a “funny thing of the day”, but the facts are too violent for tagging in this way) Digging around, after having being told a few facts from Chinese students, that got them from Chinese microblogging, not the so called balanced free international press.. that only now is catching on the situation!

And among the things I have heard from locals I finally found an English blogger writing about, in the post “The Unfortunate Irony of Anti-Japanese Protests”. The images are actually running in the local social networks, and then leaking over the wall..

Unfortunately most of comments of such blog (Americans?) do not get the gravity of the situation:

Most of the people in this video use Jaspanese cameras and in the Chinese Weibo it is also shown some of the mob wearing clearly Japanese-manga cartoon t-shirts!

The police cars were attacked because Japanese brands.. quite uninterested the policemen, but I was glad to see that when the army corps came the attitude toward the mob changed a bit!

It is true though that for the majority the idea of a national boycott of Japan and Japanese product is just crazy, or merely impossible (note the blanked out picture of the Chinese writer of the article at the link: trust me when I say that over here it can be very dangerous to say the wrong thing about Japan to the wrong person..).

On the other hand I read today that several travel agencies stop selling tickets to Japan, even advertising that on their doors, for sure to avoid problems with fired-up idiots in the parades.



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