Packing again!

25 09 2012

And not only preparing for my trip soon to come to Europe:

  • 26th September: Biella, Italy;
  • 1st October: Lyon, France (Endo sensei Aikido seminar);
  • 4th October: Trondheim, Norway

In Biella there will be time with my family and few friends there, the very few still there, but on the other hand I will have a chance to practice Aikido with Ivano in Biella Aikikai Dojo and see some old friends playing at a special event..

In Lyon, I got a great chance to visit Dominique Rascle sensei dojo for Endo sensei seminar. First time for me in Lyon for Aikido! And very nice to visit Dominique sensei dojo after having had a very good time with him in China last and this year!

For Trondheim there will be more training at NTNUI and Trondheim Aikido club. Many friends will not be there, but I am sure I will get the best time with the few there. Long time no see, long time no practice together!

But, no, the packing that I have started is not only for this trip..

My time in Hefei is coming to an end.

The company where I worked until now is moving to Tianjin for reasons independent from them (long story that will find other space later probably!) and I had signed for the transfer. But now many situation are coming up, so that I know I will have to move from my apartment and most certainly move form Hefei, but the destination is far from clear. Unfortunately the time *is* more or less fixed, and close to my return to China. This does not help.

I have had a clean mind about this, but of course it is going to stress me up, more toward the end of my trip and return to China. Let’s see what will happen.



One response

25 09 2012

I wish I could join you for Lyon! See you in Trondheim next weekend! 😉



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